Different types of laddos may be made in your house but today if you have a guest making a pan of ladoo, they will have fun eating them. After the meal it will be fun to eat a pan of the pan. You can keep it out for two days


1 bowl Copra Crushed Condensed Milk – 2 tablespoons chopped coriander dried fruit as needed – Chopped 1/2 tablespoon rose and chopped green nuts 5-7

how to make

In a bowl, mix the crushed kapar and the finely chopped pan. Add the dough, add a little bit of condensed milk and knead it for five to seven minutes. For stuffing, mix a little bit of ginger, dried fruit, rose chopped, green, copra.. Grate the palm slightly and take a little mixture and fold it. Stuff stuffing with your toes in between. Then collect the sphere from all fours and turn it around again. Sprinkle it in the ghee of copra. Eat this leaf after a meal. You can keep these out for two days. While in the fridge it lasts for weeks.

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