Eating green turmeric in the cold in winter has great benefits. Make turmeric pudding to prevent colds and coughs in winter. Which is also beneficial to health. Winter is not coughing by eating circular, smooth or dry fruits, the body is full of energy and energy.

સામગ્રીઃGreen turmeric – 500 g  Round – 500 g  Pieces of dried fruits – half a bowl  How to make:Peel the raw turmeric with a peel. He at ghee in a pan and fry the turmeric. Stir until the water is absorbed from it. Heat one tablespoon ghee in the pan and shake all the fruits.Grind the circle and mix it and mix everything together. Raw turmeric is very beneficial in winter. Eating its sticks and eating it increases the body’s immune system as well as its immune system.

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