In winter, eating coconut or gluten does not cause cold cough, but it is full of energy and energy in the body. Make this winter season an easy way to apply dry fruit at home. It will keep the body healthy. It doesn’t even take long to make.

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Oats – 1 cup walnuts – 1 tablespoon almonds – 1 tablespoon – 2 tablespoons – 2 tablespoons – cardamom powder – half teaspoon – 2 tablespoons

How to make: Heat a pan over medium heat. Remove the oats, walnuts and almonds from the roasting pan and allow them to cool. Now take the sesame seeds in the pan and shake it. Remove it from the plate and let it cool. Now heat the ghee in the same pan for a minute then slowly mix in the roasted oats, dry fruits, sesame seeds and cardamom powder. Then prepare the mixture by adding milk

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