Handwash is a traditional Gujarati dish. Mixing different pulses in this body will also get all the nutrients. Make winter tasty and healthy.

ingreadiateTwo cups of rice  One cup of sesame seeds  Pa cup of lentils  Pa cup mug pulses Pa cup chickpea dal Pa cupsof wheat  Pa cup sour yogurt  Ten green chilies  A small piece of ginger  Five hundred grams of milk  One hundred grams of oil  One tab lespoon of red spices  Half a teaspoon turm eric  Two tablespoons rye  Two tablespoons sesame seeds  Three tablespoons sugar  Try two tablespoons  Spoon Fenugreek seeds  Half a teaspoon hinge  Salt to taste  How to create

First, wipe the rice and all kinds of lentils and wheat with a damp cloth. Now assem ble the crushed flour. Now mix sour yogu rt, hot water etc. in this mixture. Cover the mixture for 7 to 8 hours to ferment. After fermentation add oil, lemon juice, sodium bicarbonate sugar, red spices, ginger-chilli paste, sliced ​​milk, turmeric and salt. Now, in a container, put oil in a sieve cooker. Heat it by adding five to six tablespoons of oil in a pan. Do not rinse it. After 1 minute add sesame seeds, ginger, fenugreek and hing. After a little red, bury it on the creek. Cover the cooker and let it cook for half an hour on a slow gas. So prepare. Read and share the post

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