• What a horrific weekend!

My first ballet recital was when I was 5 and I think I danced better that day than I did on Saturday. Both my pro and I had an extremely bad day. Eight beats into the first dance he forgot the routine and we did basics for the next 32counts.It did not improve from there. We dance 7 dances and when we walked off the floor after the sixth dance (when I knocked his hat off and we both looked at is for six beats like it was a bomb) we just looked at each other and exploded into giggles and were barely able to get through the seventh dance. It was really strange not having nony there. This was my first comp without him and I certainly missed the familiarity of having him there to hang out with. I will very much miss that aspect of dancing with him but I look forward to seeing him move on with a different partner. On the way home at about 6:00 I realized that I had contracted the stomache virus that had been going around the competition. In fact, I realized just in time to ask the driver to pull the car off to the side of the road. Luckily I was riding with two of my pro’s other students both of whom are in their 50s and went immediately into mom mode so I was well taken care of Also luckily Imet a lot ofbulimics when I was in therapy in high school and so I

immediately asked them to take me to McDonalds for vanilla ice cream and Sprite.That made the next incident much more pleasant than the first.I continued to be sick every two hours on the two hours until 8:30 this morning. That was the last incident so I think I’m in the clear. I’ve kept down a fudgesickle and some water so I think I’m going to be ok.All in all it’s really pretty hilarious when you look at it. ….. I did learn something important. At the last comp a woman came up to me and said “You and that pro of yours are perfect for each other. You both just … walk around like you own the whole fucking dance floor”. After this comp one of the other competitors came up to me and said that I “didn’t have that fire” in my eyes. I watched the video and she is absolutely right. I looked like I didn’t quite know where I was. The past few weeks have put a lot of things into question and I think I started to question myself as well which is no good. I’m looking forward to walking around Nationals like I own the whole fucking floor.

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