Sympathetic nervous system stimulates heartbeat in winter

Health Desk: In 53% of winter cases, heart attack occurs in the morning. 3 hours in the morning in the winter is dangerous for patients with heart disease and high blood pressure. Compared to summer, the probability of a heart attack in winter increases by 25%. In the winter season coronary artery disease develops, and the conversion of blood vessels to gels instead of blood vessels increases the likelihood of a heart attack.With some caution, blood can be transformed into a prison. Coronary artery disease and blockage in the blood vessels of the heart attack are called coronary artery disease. Consuming excess fat-rich foods increases cholesterol levels in the blood and causes it to accumulate in the arteries of the heart as well as calcium in the arteries of the heart. Because of this, the heart does not get enough blood and increases the risk of heart disease.

Because of the cold weather in the winter, the sympathetic nervous system in the body stimulates the body’s automatically reacting nervous system to increase blood circulation to the heart and cause heartburn.Due to excessive cooling, the arteries of the brain and other organs of the body contract with the heart, which hinders the blood circulation and the blood begins to accumulate as a gel.

Because of the cold in winter, people refrain from exercising and eat more salty and quick recipes in food. Some people also have a habit of drinking excessive tea in winter, which increases blood pressure in the body due to air pollution in winter affecting the functioning of the heart. This increases the risk of a heart attack

Caution While ExercisingHealth patients should take special care when walking and exercising early in the winter in the winter. Including exercise and walking in the winter morning.

Exercise causes blood to become thicker. This increases the risk of heart attack. In winter, the body should be worn out with full-blown clothing Blood Pressure and Heart Disease Patients Should Observe OA Blood Thinner

Blood pressure should be checked at regular time in the practice. Avoid exposure to cold weather for longer. Weight control should be avoided as well as stress. Consume plenty of fruits and green vegetables. Water should be consumed in full quantities. Eat meals periodically. Patients with heart disease should prescribe medications including aspirin, nitro glycerin.

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