Corona Virus / Test out successful test for coronary virus outbreak in ChinaThe test was performed at the German Center virus for Infection Research in Germany the full name of the virus 2019 – the Novel Coronavirus, 62 people infected with the virus in the city of Huan, ChinaHealth Desk: The threat of the Corona virus is spreading in China right now. It could prove deadly with China around the world.

This successful test has been performed by scient ists from Curry Christian Droston, director of the University of Virology in Germany. It has been approved by the WHO (World Health Organization. Will come.People traveling to China and its surr ounding countries have also been warned due to the threat of the virus.

62 people have been infected with the virus in China’s Huan city. In addition, two cases have been reported in Thailand and 1 in Japan. 2019- Novel coronavirusThe full name of this virus is 2019- Novel coronavirus. This virus is a new type of old coronary virus. Human contact can spread from one man to another.

FeaturesThe WHO has not provided any informati on on how such a virus came to humans and what could be the cause. WHO has revealed a list of so me of its symptoms Fever Cough Breathing Proble ms Pneumonia Severe Acute RespiratorySyndrome Kidney FailureHere are some precautions to be tak en by WHO to prevent this virus:Avoid exposure to people suffering from acute respiratory syndrome Keep your hands washed after coming home to Bihar. Avoid dead animals and humans.

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